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WEDGE at WDR Rockpalast

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Corona has put our world upside down and we are confronted with many problems just like many of you people out there. For us as a band the hardest thing is to keep in touch with you guys face to face due to the fact that live shows are super rare if possible at all. We had to cancel entire tours and postpone gigs till who knows when... But we keep our heads up nevertheless: Lately we had the great pleasure to play a live show for the legendary german TV series Rockpalast. The recording, one full hour live set, will air on german television at WDR on October 18th, 01:05 CET. But you can check out the concert in full length here/below already.

This performance was our first get together since ca. 5 months(!) and was recorded in Cologne a while ago. For now it's the closest thing to a live experience we can offer you during those weird, weird times. There is progress on the release of our third album as well! We will tell you more about it very, very soon...

We hope you all are doing well in the meantime and we can't wait to see you live again, letting better times roll! Rock'n'Roll, WEDGE


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