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Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Yeaaah, our new album "Like No Tomorrow" is finally out!! 🐣 You can get your copy here. We're super excited as today is the day we've been waiting for so long! After several postponements due to the pandemic we and our label Heavy Psych Sounds Records decided to release our third studio album on January 15th. 2021. In better times of course there would have been a big release party in Berlin tonight + a long tour promoting the album trough many cities of Europe. We would dance, drink, talk and have the best of times together ...but you know... Covid motherfucker is still on the move. Needless to say, we miss playing live and seeing you people like crazy! Nevertheless we all have to be as optimistic and just hang in there for a bit longer. Sooner or later concerts WILL be possible again. Those will be the days when we all will be living and partying "Like No Tomorrow"! Until then please you do us (an yourself ; ) a huge favour by ordering a copy of one of our new albums because this is the only thing, which will get us (and you ; ) trough those tuff times. Each one of your orders will sustain the band and is helping us to create/putting out new music for you lovely guys and galls. As always, if you order the LPs directly via our website,, you will get some extra goodies for free, which are only available here as a limited edition run of 200 pieces. No matter which vinyl colour you choose (black, neon yellow or red/yellow), the LPs all come with a brand new poster, a fold-out lyrics sleeve and a set of cool new WEDGE shape stickers. All CD orders also include the new stickers.

Thank you so much for worshiping Rock'n'Roll,



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