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PRESS (national - translated)



The reason that this seven-track-record is NOT the "tip of the month" is due to the fact that Mr. Kupfer has secured this title for his "pupils" Eldorado in time, because WEDGE would have earned it as well. The song writing surpasses that of the majority of the competition by miles. I suspected that the Roots-Rock-Revival will reach its peak with the release of the Blues Pills debut, but I have to correct myself: as long as bands like WEDGE follow, there is still a lot possible.



The seven songs are not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively more than sufficient to create a bluesy, punky and garage-rocking album in their entirety. With WEDGE, Krautrock has found a strong offspring. Psychedelic storytelling ("The Spider & The Cat"), hit-potential winks in the direction of Led Zeppelin ("Makeyerselfree") or a mixture of Doors-organ and Keith-Moon- Drumming ("Easy Chair“), WEDGE master all of it!


... in comparison with others, Wedge, unlike the vast bulk of the retro competition, think a whole lot further outside of the “flare-box”. The passion of the guys for classic British beat music, which is manifested in the very catchy melodic song writing and a casual grooving dance ability, while supported by psychedelic colour blobs and rolling garment rock elements, as well as the very subtly added shot of Kraut, is marvellously refreshing. Should The Who still need a suitable local support band for their jubilee tour, which will hopefully also lead them to Germany, Wedge would be the perfect candidates. Even at the risk of the old gentlemen being played against the wall easily.


The Berlin-based three-piece WEDGE, on their self-titled debut LP, made the irrefutable proof of understanding how to create high-class rock'n'roll - guitar, drums, bass, here and there some well- placed organ parts, as well as a distinctive singing provide for all top quality 70s-inspired listening pleasure!



Electrifying prelude.

When too many newcomer combos now follow Tony Iommi's tone sequences, WEDGE strives to dig elsewhere for inspiration. Grand Funk Railroad and The Who can easily be spotted in the sound of the Berliners, while "Makeyerselfree" is even nestled in Aerosmith's early work. A band with magnificent future prospects!



Musically, they have learned the lessons of their forefathers, the reverberated singing reminds one of American garage rock bands, from time to time there is also an electric piano, an organ or even a few mellotron sounds, but mainly their music is carried by a forward thrilling rhythm duo made up of bass and drums, the guitar varies between classic-bluesy, over psychedelically distorted to punky raw. Congratulations, a strong entry into the rock business. 

PRESS (international)


Who knows how to have a good time? Wedge do, and now they‘re gonna show you how, too. This record [...] focuses on the positive vibes of the past and the energy of right now, an electric splicing of ZZ Top and The Strokesthat works far better than it really ought to. Just check the bellowing harmonica-blessed hoedown that spices up The Spider & The Cat‘s infectious boogie for a taste of how much these guys can bring to your life, or their penchant for classic guitars and easy livin‘, and it becomes quickly apparent that no matter how rough life gets, just pick up a guitar and it can get a whole lot better.


Come with Wedge on a journey into the past when music was really meant something to disenfranchised youth. The era when kids would hang out listing to records from their rock band heroes while drinking beer they stole from their dad.
This band, hailing from Germany, takes all that was cool and powerful with bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and use what they’ve learnt to create some powerful new tunes. You want thunderous drumming, distorted riffs, tight rhythms and some killer solos you can find what you’re after with this self-titled debut. As for the singer – think Arthur Lee from Love.


Wedge possibly don’t give a fuck about anything other than finding that groove. And you know what? The groove is all that matters. [...]...remembering that the essence of great rock and roll is fun will allow you to attain access to the heart of Wedge. And you may find you don’t want to leave". 

WEDGE High Energy Fuzz‘n‘Roll


Since the release of their long sold out debut, WEDGE are an integral part of the European underground rock freak scene. Over a short time the group managed to establish a steadily growing fan base by playing over 400 shows since 2014 in numerous countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Greece, Israel and of course Germany. This includes famous festivals such as Bukta Open Air, Desert Fest, Stoned from the Underground, Dana Jam, Burg Herzberg Festival etc., and support gigs for bands such as Fu Manchu (US), Kadavar (DE), Blues Pills (SE), Orchid (US), The Flying Eyes (US), Lucifer (UK), Pontiac (US), Simo (US), to name but a few.

WEDGE was born into the spotlight in 2014. The trio was founded in Berlin by guitarist/singer Kiryk Drewinski (ex-Liquid Visions & ex-The Magnificent Brotherhood), drummer Holger “The Holg” Grosser & bassist/organist Dave Götz and named itself after the first stone tool of human history. Their sound is accordingly archaic, extremely effective, "made from solid rock" and, when used correctly, causes fire ... especially live! WEDGE blends mainly elements of classic rock, 60s garage and some Psychedelic with a proper dose of joy while playing.


Even before the band decided on a name, their first studio album was recorded (originally planned to be a demo only) and released on the Italian label "Heavy Psych Sounds" in November 2014. The LP sold out after a short time and was very popular among the dancers, as well as the writers. Thus, the three multi-instrumentalists are frequently credited with refreshingly catchy song writing, which outshines their peers of similar genre. This also gave WEDGE some radio airplay early on. One of the group's greatest strengths, however, is experienced live.


Their second album "Killing Tongue" saw it's release in 2018 on Heavy Psych Sounds Records and was companied by the extensive "Killing Tongue Tour" which brought the band to over 50 cities across Germany & Europe.

Their latest album "Like No Tomorrow" was released on January 15th 2021.



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