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WEDGE - '61 SG (official HD)
WEDGE - '61 SG (official HD)

WEDGE - '61 SG (official HD)

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WEDGE - Lucid (official HD)

WEDGE - Lucid (official HD)

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WEDGE · Looks'n'Savvy (official HD)

WEDGE · Looks'n'Savvy (official HD)

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Wedge live | OFFSTAGE | Rockpalast 2020

Wedge live | OFFSTAGE | Rockpalast 2020

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New album, just out! 


Our new album "Like No Tomorrow" is finally out!!
(January 15th 2021 on Heavy Psych Sounds)


We worked hard on this one and we are very proud of the result. Of course the new record provides the rocking power you are used to get from us. But this album is special. We feel that the songwriting has developed quite a bit and overall it sounds more solid and mature than it's precursors.

You can listen to the first two song of the album in whole right here and get a taste of all the others.
For any fan of vintage hard rock, acid rock or good old school related long hair music this record is a sure shot. You love buzzing fuzz guitars, Hammond organ and vocals trough a swirling Leslie cabinet, more cowbell? It's all here. But at the same time it was important for us to bring in a fresh impetus to the table, creating a connection between our analog sound and the 2020s.

Also lyrically the tunes are picking up on our zeitgeist, dealing with topics like digitalisation, mass migration, current social issues among others. So it’s no coincidence that the record’s title is a direct hint at our crazy times as well, in which it feels like the end of the world might be lurking just around the very next corner. Ecological disasters, crazy conspiracy theories, political tensions/divisions, protests and riots, crowned by the pandemic sometimes make us feel as if there might be no tomorrow.

All this is captured in the cover artwork designed by Kiryk. It depicts a burning fire distinguisher as a metaphor for the apocalyptic feeling many of us encounter these days and the powerless feeling that we are about to destroy the very thing that could save us. But rather than being too pessimistic about all that, we want to convey a positive message:

"When it feels like there might be no tomorrow, just love and live Like No Tomorrow".

Limited Edition of 200!


The first 200 LP orders via our website will exclusively come with free extra goodies: a poster, an additional lyrics sleeve & a set of new WEDGE-shaped stickers. First come, first served.
Vinyl colour options are black, neon yellow or that thing we like to call "Berlin S-Bahn" ; )   
The CD comes as a six panel digipack and also includes the new stickers.
The album is also available as digital download.
Download codes will be also available with every physical copy of the album on request.

Thank you for your support! WEDGE


Following the buzz of WEDGE's debut, the group now unveils their eagerly awaited follow-up "Killing Tongue" ...and it truly kills! Deeply rooted in the rock'n'roll of the late 60s & early 70s, this album presents a multicolored spectrum of sounds and great songwriting. Power trio-untypical arrangements and instruments like electric sitar, clavinet and harpsichord among others are accompanying especially some of the psychedelia soaked tunes. A blend of hard rocking and soft tripping tracks.

Killing Tongue was recorded & mixed at LowSwing Studios in Berlin by Guy Sternberg and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering in California/USA.

The release of Killing Tongue was accompanied by the "Killing Tongue European Tour" which took the band to over 50 European cities from January till February 2018. Among those were dates in Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Poland.

On the german dates WEDGE were supported by good Israeli friend Dor Koren and his psych rock group BIGFOOT. For details on the dates please visit the "Live" section of this page.

WEDGE‘s second full length was released on Heavy Psych Sounds Records in February 2018.

The album comes in limited solid white vinyl, black vinyl, digipack CD & as digital download (which can be purchased on the right side of this page >>>.

Debut album: 


The debut album by Berlin's heavy psych rockers WEDGE was released on Heavy Psych Sounds Records by the end of 2014. It was originally recorded to be only a demo, even before the group had agreed on a band name and before playing their first live show. All tracks were cut and mixed in WEDGE's rehearsal room. Encouraged by friends who immediately knew that those recordings were "more than just a demo" . It didn't take long before Italian record label Heavy Psych Sounds offered Kiryk, Holg and Dave a deal to release the recordings as WEDGE's debut record.

The album contains seven original tunes, all wrote by singer/guitarist Kiryk with the exception of "'61 SG" which stems from the hand of David the bass/organ player. Together with Kiryk's catchy lyrics "'61 SG" became something like the bands first "classic" and was also chosen the groups first music video.

Another song which ever since it was recorded has been on every live set list to this day is "Easy Chair". A straight rocker at first, evolving into a moody but angry halftime part featuring a thundering guitar solo and driving Wurlitzer electric piano.
Maybe the most arranged tune on WEDGE's debut is the rocking ballad "Makeyerselfree" which also is the longest track on the album with over 7 minutes. It features a mellotron intro and outro played by David and a haunting hook.


WEDGE's debut has been sold out pretty quickly after it's release so it was re-issued on July 2018 on black and clear vinyl as well as on CD with an upgraded digipack cover.
The CD version contains a bonus track which was recorded during the original album sessions. You can order the LP or CD here.
The album is also available as digital download on the left side of this page. It does contain the bonus track as well.


Killing Tongue album
WEDGE debut album
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