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New WEDGE video out now!

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Yeeeaah!! Today we've released our new video for "Nuthin'", the opening track of our latest album "Killing Tongue".

This time we decided to shoot a mini spy movie-like clip based around a paranoid agent and a mysterious deal gone bad.

It is only WEDGE's second video which was shot in their hometown Berlin, showing the band ride across town in their orange 1972 Opel Record.

The main character, who is involved in a mysterious deal, is played by the group's good buddy Flo Hohmann (guitarist of "The Roaring 420s"). Cast also includes other musicians/friends and family members like Lex Drewinski, who is the lead singer's/guitarist's father, Hannes Neupert (drummer with "Mexican Radio" & "Ghost Pony"), Henning Wienecke (bassist with "Link Abbey") as well as Vitja Mysin and Mel Goldbach.

Just like WEDGE's previous music videos, this one was shot and executed by Maria Puentes Campos & Sascha Steinbach and cut by Kiryk Drewinski. Color grading was applied by Oleg Sakharov in Moscow.

Watch the full video here. We hope you will have as much fun watching as we had filming.

Please feel free to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you want to support the band.


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