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Happy "New & limited" 2021!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Without a lot of chatter, we simply say Happy 2021 full of optimism and save you the hackneyed sentimentality about the past year, because despite all the adversity, we want to look ahead and hope that you are on board with us.

In exactly 2 weeks from now, on the 15th of January 2021, our new album "Like No Tomorrow" will be released! We can't wait to present you the complete package and are already super excited about your reactions. Get a first audio impression (3 complete songs) here.

As always, if you order the LPs directly via our website,, you will get some extra goodies, which are only available here as a limited edition run of 200 pieces. No matter which vinyl colour you choose (black, neon yellow or red/yellow), the LPs all come with a brand new poster, a fold-out lyrics sleeve and a set of cool new WEDGE shape stickers. All CD orders also include the new stickers.

Of course we face uncertain times, but we are cautiously hoping for meeting you again live at one of the hopefully more numerous festivals this summer. Who knows, maybe by the end of 2021 touring and club gigs will even be possible again.... 🤞🤘

Until then, stay healthy and use music as a vaccine against hard times!




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